Yoga Workshops

Yoga Workshops

Glamping Höga Kusten is located in the middle of nature, our goal is to bring people and nature closer together and feel the rhythm of nature.

Yoga, meditation, live in the present is a perfect way of relaxation.
Experience to recharge your energy level to function in full society again.

We are very thankful that Vishnu Syamlal want to give workshops on Glamping Höga Kusten.

About Vishnu Syamlal:

Vishnu has contributed new energy and new ideas to the development of yoga. 

Vishnu’s focused way of teaching yoga takes place with a strong focus on the real path of yoga and has attracted a large number of yoga practitioners to his workshops around the world..

 During the last 13 years Vishnu have been teaching yoga mostly in Stockholm, Sweden but he has also held highly appreciated workshops around Europe, for example in Oslo, Madrid and in Paris. Vishnu also arranged many successful yoga trips to India and Sri Lanka.

Vishnu grew up in Kerala, India and has practiced yoga and vedanata philosophy with several gurus in the Kerala area since an early age. He has spent long periods in various ashrams in northern and southern India. Vishnu  is an internationally certified  Sivananda Yoga and Hatha yoga instructor.

About the yoga:
The yoga form he teaches is soft and suits everyone, young and old, those who have been practicing yoga for a long time and the beginner.  With the help of yoga, you create an attitude to life that works in many ways. It makes the body flexible with enduring muscles, affects digestion and hormone balance, provides a stronger and more enduring nervous system, and improves sleep and peace of mind.

Covid-19 important note: 
If you’re feeling unwell or any any other Symptoms like a Fever or chills,Cough,Muscle or body aches,Headache, loss of taste or smell.Sore throat,Congestion or runny nose, Yoga Vishnu highly recommended to STAY HOME.

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