Glamping for us is when beautiful nature and modern luxury come together. When the feeling of being in the wilderness is combined with comfortable beds and served food. Glamping Höga kusten inspires people to get closer to nature.

Our purpose is to explore experiences based on encounters with nature.

Feel the rhythm of nature and be a part of it.

Glamping Höga Kusten has the sustainability label “Nature’s best”.

Ecotourism is responsible travel that helps protect natural environments and supports the well-being of the local population” (Världsnaturfonden-WWF 1994)

What is Nature’s Best®?

Nature’s Best® is Sweden’s only sustainability label for nature-based experiences. The labeling system labels the activities of ecotourism entrepreneurs. Nature’s Best® functions both as a systematic tool for nature and cultural tourism companies’ sustainable business development and a quality label that makes sustainable experiences visible to conscious travelers.
Ecotourism in practice quite simply.
With quality-assured consideration for nature conservation, environmental adaptation or local anchoring with care for the destination’s cultural values. Read more. Ecotourism & sustainability

On the Glamping site, there are no clusters of tents with modern facilities here. Instead our few glamping tents are located in carefully selected and particularly beautiful places, spread out with the aim of creating that feeling of staying in the middle of nature. That you can breathe out and become one with nature’s own breath.

Feel it, hear it and smell it.

A private, secluded spot among woods, meadows and babbling brooks.

Carefree with time for reflection and recovery. Personal, simple and relaxed.

We take care, you ake a break from your everyday routines.

All year round you can enjoy our wood-burning sauna located in the middle of the forest.

We serve breakfast and dinner in the grill house. Dinner is served at 18.00 and we eat it together around the fire. If for some reason you cannot be there by 6 pm, please let us know. Non-alcoholic drinks are served with the food and we round off with coffee for those who wish. We always serve a fixed main course, and if you have allergies or you are a vegetarian, please let us know in advance of your arrival day.

If you choose to make your “own food”, it is possible to order a grill package inclusive bbq and ingredients, or rent only a barbecue with equipment. If you rent something from us we do the dishes!! We do this to save the environment, at home we have a sewage disposal, and use biodegradable cleaning products. Animals graze on the entire area, precisely to keep the biodiversity high and the biological ecology must not be disturbed. We don’t have a fridge or freezer that you can use.

When it’s dark, we illuminate the paths around the farm with oil lamps, solar lamps and candles. In addition, we let the natural rhythm of the day rule. It is a special experience to enjoy the northern lights or the beautiful starry sky on a clear night.

Back to the basics – enjoy the simple life in nature. Happiness is given by Mother Nature.

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We look forward to meeting you at our small-scale Eco Glamping in the beautiful High Coast destination.

Glamping High coast is a small family business.

Best regards,

Marco, Nicole, Sterre and Yara

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